Inflatable Vehicle Mattress

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Super Comfy Inflatable Vehicle Mattress

A lightweight and portable car air mattress is made from durable materials for easy clean up and storage. It comes with a handy storage bag and a portable air pump.

Ideal for car camping, unplanned stops, tent camping or any time you need to stay out of the elements in the comfort of your vehicle.  Save on hotel costs during a long road trip!  Also useful as a spare bed in the house!  

Material: Flocking Cloth

Color: 7 colors to choose from

Power: Power Plug Cigar Lighter

Size: 85cm*45cm

Size Inflation: 135CM*50CM*85CM(53.2" x 19.7" x 33.5inches)

Compatibility: Fits most car models.

Package Inclusions: Air Pump, Air Nozzle, Storage Bag, Repair kit, 2 piece Inflatable Pillows

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