Car Door Step-Up Hook

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Car Door Step-Up Hook

Easily and safely access your car roof!

Roof racks are ideal as space savers in your vehicles interior for larger items. The car roof sounds like a good place, but it is not easy to get there.

The multi-functional foldable car roof step is a safe and practical solution. You only need to take one step up and easily place or remove things from the roof, also handy for cleaning the roof.

As humans, many are afraid of falling when stepping on suspended objects. However, our multifunctional foldable car roof rack pedals are firmly secured with no wiggle issues.

Designed to support 400 pounds/180 Kg, fits all sizes of feet, and are compatible with any vehicle.

Portable, convenient and foldable.

The size is 15 * 7.5 cm, which can be folded to 90 degrees.

In an emergency, you can use it to break any window of the vehicle. 

High hardness aluminum alloy.

Product Size18CM × 9CM × 3CM - Weight 0.33Kg

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