Dog Seatbelt

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      Safe Comfortable Dog Seatbelt
    • Safety and Comfort---Using the dog seat belt leash will keep your pet safely restrained and secure in vehicle while driving, also the adjustable seat belt will allow your dog to sit, stand or lie down comfortably in a car without distracting the driver.

    • No worries of your dog jumping out of the vehicle before you're ready.

    • Convenient and Easy to Use--- The Safety Belt attaches directly to the vehicle frame using the latch bars located in the crease of every vehicle’s backseat, can be easily removed or stay attached to your vehicle’s latch bar at all times.

    • Durable Hardware--- Our safety belt is made from durable nylon with dual-safe hook, high-density nylon webbing and quick release swivel Metal buckles.

    • Universal Compatibility---Designed to be compatible with most vehicles. Attaches to collar or harness.


    • S 2.5 CM * 60 CM

    • M 2.5 CM * 88

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