Headrest 2 in 1 Phone and Bag Hook

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A simple, Convenient Car Accessory that simply makes good sense!

Exclusively Designed and Sold by Giddy Goat Store

Headrest hooks help to hang bags, handbags, totes, clothes, groceries, food bags, water bottles, children's toys, baby products and a phone

Eliminates the inconvenience of holding your phone in your hand. A practical car accessory and a great gift for your family and friends.


Main Features

  • ✔️ 2-in-1 Car Hook With Telephone Seat
    Our 2-in-1 newly designed car seat hook combines the car headrest hook with the phone holder. 


  • ✔️ Perfect Design With Silicone And Lock
    The contact surface of the car hook and headrest hook is silicone, which does not scratch the headrest. The smooth serrated cover prevents the hook from loosening. The car's rear seat hook hangers feature a locking design that maintains stability.


  • ✔️ Easy To Install And Use
    Easy to install and has a side-open design that eliminates the need to disassemble the headrest. Not only can it be used for the front or rear of the seat, but it can also be easily removed when it is not needed.


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