Vehicle Storage Organizer

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Vehicle Storage Organizer

Had enough of the heap of items bouncing and rattling around in the back of your vehicle?

Having a hard time finding things and fear you're becoming a "car hoarder"?🚫

                        😍  This organizer is the ultimate solution!!! 😍


- Adjustable buckle strap, simple to install and unfasten.
- Foldable and portable design, easy to pack and store away.
- Made of high quality oxford cloth, durable and easy to clean.
- Ultra-large capacity, can store drinks, snacks, umbrella, camera or anything you like.

Material: Oxford cloth
Colors: Black/Blue
Sizes: Small:      88x36cm / 36.7X14.2inch
          Medium: 88x46cm / 36.7X18.1inch
          Large:     108x52cm / 42.5X20.5inch

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